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" I can't get over how AMAZING my car looks !! The inside looks BRAND new again ! My car is my baby, and I'm in it for hours a day driving to work. It was worth every penny I spent -- I wouldn't have it any other way ! "
Date of Posting: 20 Jan 2012    Posted by: Mikaela Karram


" My Dodge got an incredible makeover. Words can't describe how happy customer I was, bringing down my dodge avenger for complete detail. I had a feeling those were pro's and haven't mistaken. Didn't regret any penny invested in my car's detail. Before touching the car, they explained me what they will be doing to it with real patience. But outcome was beyond my expectations, nothing but stunt seeing my car looking like new. The engine was like new. Interior totally refreshed with all those small things properly done (ashtray, vents, headliner attention to detail in full).They cut polished/waxed the car so nicely i couldn't believe own eyes. Scratches were permanently gone (even those i didn't expect would come out totally). Water bids incredible on the paint after each car wash still. Highly recommend Blitz auto detail to everyone who wants to have a car brand new looking again.Thanks so much.. I will be returning customer for sure. "
Date of Posting: 7 Feb 2011    Posted by: Jhon / Burnaby


" My car is my baby, and Blitz is the only detailer I trust to take care of it like I would. I couldn't be happier with the job they do for me. Thanks for babying my baby! "
Date of Posting: 9 Jul 2010   Posted by: Emma Smith / Vancouver


" I know my car isn't the fanciest car in the world, but the people at Blitz take care of it like it was. I've been very impressed with their service and attention to the smallest details. I've recommended Blitz to all my friends. "
Date of Posting: 9 Jan 2009   Posted by: J. Williams / W.Vancouver


" I have been getting my car serviced at Blitz Auto Detail for the past few years and am always extremely pleased with the fine work - It feels like I have just purchased a new vehicle and am leaving the dealership every time I pick it up. Keep up the great work! "
Date of Posting: 9 Mar 2006   Posted by: Josef Shechter / N.Vancouver

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